Program Grid

This program is tentative, and minimal changes are possible leading up to the event.

Workshop Day - 

April 24

Day 1 - April 25Day 2 - April 26Day 3 - April 27
9:00-10:15Workshops9:00-9:15Opening Remarks9:00-10:00Podium Talks: 3. Transducers - sensing9:00-10:00Podium Talks: 5. BCI/BMI
9:15-10:15Plenary Keynote: Mounya Elhilali10:00-11:00Poster & Exhibit Viewing and Coffee Break10:00-11:00Poster & Exhibit Viewing and Coffee Break
10:15-10:45Coffee Break10:15-11:00Poster & Exhibit Viewing and Coffee Break11:00-12:00Plenary Keynote: Jacob Robinson11:00-12:00IEEE Brain Panel
10:45-12:00Workshops11:00-12:00Podium Talks: 1. Transducers - actuating12:00-13:00Lunch - on your own12:00-13:00Lunch - on your own
12:00-13:00Lunch - on your own12:00-13:00Lunch - on your own13:00-14:00Poster & Exhibit Viewing13:00-14:00Poster & Exhibit Viewing
13:00-14:15Workshops13:00-14:00Poster & Exhibit Viewing14:00-15:30Podium Talks: 4. Closed-loop Prostheses14:00-15:00Podium Talks: 6. Beyond the neural interface
14:15-14:45Coffee Break14:00-15:30Podium Talks: 2. Novel sensing, image analysis, and data extraction15:30-16:00Coffee Break15:00-15:15Closing Remarks
14:45-16:00Workshops15:30-16:00Coffee Break16:00-17:00Plenary Keynote: Tim Denison 
 16:00-17:00Plenary Keynote: Amadeu Llebaria 
19:00-22:00Welcome Reception